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March 24,2019

Been a little tough this past week, I'll have to say. Lauren had to be rushed to the ER 2 days in a row.  I had to cancel a couple of shows as a result. It's always a tough decision to Cancel, but my Wife comes first. I can only hope my fans understand. Lauren is home resting now and on her way to a complete recovery. Thank God! Looking forward and hoping for a better April!!!! 

February 19,2019

Been a solid 6 years now. It's funny how time flies by. 2019 is already upon us and going fast!!! Seems like I just started this whole thing yesterday! I am so glad God has laid out this path for me. Met so many nice people along the way. I closed out 2018 with my friends at Independence Hill. I tell ya, them folks know how to party! We had such a good time!!! Lauren & the Roses were there and they had a great time as well! I was there on New Year's Eve and then again at their annual Cowboy Breakfast the following month!!! What a nice group of friends I made! I can hardly wait for next time! Well, it's a New Year and business is really good right now. Hope to get out a bit more this year God willing!!! Take care my friends! See you next time!!!!!
Check out my schedule and come see me out at Grady's or Blanco BBQ!!!!
Well hello again everybody!!!
Today is May 23rd, 2018..
I just wanted to let you know what I did this weekend. I had the opportunity to play for a group of  Green Berets! YES!!!! Green Berets!!! I had never met a Green Beret before! I was so excited when Buddy asked me to play for them. Apparently, Buddy and his lovely  saw me performing at Blanco BBQ and liked the music and thought it would fit right in when they had their annual Special Forces Canyon Lake Weekend!!! The event was moved to Poteet because of scheduling conflicts, but the party turned out real nice!!!  We had a good time and  made some new friends as well!!!  They have already hired me for next year!!! I posted a couple of pictures! Can hardly wait til the next time! TTYL!!!
Hello everyone! 5/14/2018
Well, Mother's Day was a good day yesterday. Had an early breakfast and got to spend time with Mom and all the family. It is always so good to see everyone! We all met at Mi Tierra's restaurant. The people there are so nice and the food is always good! Lauren met her Mom and then she came home and we all went out to the Japanese Tea Garden in Brackenridge.  Had a good time with a lot of photo ops for the girls! What a beautiful place! San Antonio has some real nice places to see. I think we have a beautiful city! After the tea gardens, we found a Buffalo Wings and had dinner. Good Stuf!!! After that, we headed home and stopped at SAM'S on the way. We got some much needed supplies and we also bought a CAKE for Mother's Day and Kaylin's birthday which is just around the corner. I ATE TOO MUCH CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!! I hate when I do that!!! lol......The Cake was super good!!! Well, now I have to get ready for the week. I'm playing at Incarnate Word this week on Wednesday. I will then play a Private Party on Friday night and then I play at another party on Saturday at Canyon Lake! It's gonna be a busiy weekend but I'm looking forward to it!!! I will fill you in next week and let you know how everything went. Until then, HAVE A GOOD WEEK!!!!!!

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